The StarRider Saga

The Odyssey: First Contact

In this space adventure set in the year 2723, Maya and her team of explorers embark on a series of daring missions to discover new planets, uncover the mysteries of the universe, and share their incredible findings with the world. Along the way, they encounter hostile aliens, navigate dangerous terrain, and struggle to balance their desire for adventure with their obligations to their loved ones. With each discovery, Maya and her team spark a new era of scientific exploration and push the boundaries of what it means to be human in a vast and uncharted universe.

The Bounty: Double Cross

The Galactic Alliance starship, the Bounty, is manned by a highly skilled and dedicated crew of officers. Captain Benson, a seasoned veteran with years of experience, commands the ship with a steady hand and a strategic mind. His first Lieutenant, Eric Shaw, is a brilliant strategist and trusted advisor, who helps the Captain navigate the challenges of space exploration. Together with their team of officers, they embark on a routine supply mission, only to discover a sinister plot that threatens the very existence of the Galactic Alliance. With their skills and ingenuity, Captain Benson and Lieutenant Shaw lead their crew to uncover the plot and foil the plans of an evil alien dictator, preventing an interplanetary war and ensuring the safety of the galaxy.

Left for Dead

Sergeant James Thompson is a highly skilled soldier of the Galactic Alliance on a dangerous mission to infiltrate an alien base on a hostile planet. While on the mission, a large explosion occurs, leaving him severely injured and stranded on the planet. Faced with a hostile alien environment and limited resources, he must use his training and survival skills to stay alive and find a way back home. With every passing moment, his chances of survival become slimmer, and he must overcome numerous obstacles to make it back home. Sergeant Thompson’s courage and determination will be put to the ultimate test as he fights for his life and the chance to return to his loved ones.

The Ranger: Heart of Darkness

Captain Rex Crawford has been thought a lot as Captain of the Ranger. Time travel, alternate dimensions, and evil aliens bent on total annihilation of the human race, but he is facing his biggest challenge yet; fatherhood.  

The Titan: At World’s End

The flagship of the Galactic Alliance, The Titan, is in a battle for survival against a new foe. The captain and her crew is all that stands between the evil aliens and total domination of the solar system.

Operation TURBO

An intergalactic conflict has erupted between the Galactic Alliance and a malevolent extraterrestrial species. To thwart the marauding invaders who are leaving a trail of destruction in their wake and heading towards Earth, a coalition of five premier vessels of the Galactic Alliance must come together to save the galaxy.