Cheesy B Zombie Book

A camper is missing after a strange encounter with a homeless guy down by the river. The brutal murder of a Police Officer spawns a manhunt for the person responsible. A Zombie Cheese Killer is on the loose and headed towards Topsail Beach where a large celebration is being held. Can a group of unlikely heroes find the killer before it’s too late, or will they meet the same fate as the others?

Book 1 in the Cheesy B Saga

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Cheesy B Vampire Book

The owner of a dairy farm is struggling to keep his family business alive when he receives shocking news. Some of his dairy cows have been attacked and drained of their milk, while a significant shipment of cheese products intended for a major outdoor event was destroyed. To investigate these incidents, an unusual team embarks on an adventure to uncover the culprits and rescue a kidnapped boy from a vampire. Can they succeed in their mission to prevent a vampire war and save themselves from the same fate as the previous victims?

Book 2 in the Cheesy B Saga

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July 18th, 2023


Cheesy B Monster Book

In their small town, Carl’s world turned upside down when his son, CJ, fell ill with a mysterious disease. Time was of the essence as his condition rapidly deteriorated, and a cure was nowhere in sight. To make matters worse, a monstrous creature was wreaking havoc, causing destruction and putting everyone at risk. In a desperate attempt, an unlikely group of heroes unite in a race against the clock to save CJ and defeat the monster once and for all.

Book 3 in the Cheesy B Saga

Cheesy B Chapter Zero – The Beast Within

Discover the origin that started the Cheesy B saga.



The StarRider Saga

The Odyssey: First Contact

In this space adventure set in the year 2723, Maya and her team of explorers embark on a series of daring missions to discover new planets, uncover the mysteries of the universe, and share their incredible findings with the world. Along the way, they encounter hostile aliens, navigate dangerous terrain, and struggle to balance their desire for adventure with their obligations to their loved ones. With each discovery, Maya and her team spark a new era of scientific exploration and push the boundaries of what it means to be human in a vast and uncharted universe.

Book 1 in the StarRider saga

The Bounty: Double Cross

The Galactic Alliance starship, the Bounty, is manned by a highly skilled and dedicated crew of officers. Captain Benson, a seasoned veteran with years of experience, commands the ship with a steady hand and a strategic mind. His first Lieutenant, Eric Shaw, is a brilliant strategist and trusted advisor, who helps the Captain navigate the challenges of space exploration. Together with their team of officers, they embark on a routine supply mission, only to discover a sinister plot that threatens the very existence of the Galactic Alliance. With their skills and ingenuity, Captain Benson and Lieutenant Shaw lead their crew to uncover the plot and foil the plans of an evil alien dictator, preventing an interplanetary war and ensuring the safety of the galaxy.

Book 2 in the StarRider saga

Left for Dead

Sergeant James Thompson is a highly skilled soldier of the Galactic Alliance on a dangerous mission to infiltrate an alien base on a hostile planet. While on the mission, a large explosion occurs, leaving him severely injured and stranded on the planet. Faced with a hostile alien environment and limited resources, he must use his training and survival skills to stay alive and find a way back home. With every passing moment, his chances of survival become slimmer, and he must overcome numerous obstacles to make it back home. Sergeant Thompson’s courage and determination will be put to the ultimate test as he fights for his life and the chance to return to his loved ones.

Book 3 in the StarRider saga


Mushroom the Cat finds a home

The story tells the tale of a small kitten named Mushroom who wanders into the woods and gets lost from his family. He spends the night crying until his cries are heard by a kind man who comes looking for him. The man becomes Mushroom’s new daddy and takes care of him, giving him a cozy bed and warm meals. They play together in the grass and tell stories by the fire at night. Mushroom goes home with his new family, including a grumpy cat and a playful dog, but he loves them all the same. He gets his first checkup at the vet and is declared healthy. Mushroom is now happy and loved in his new home, cuddling with his daddy in his warm hoodie.


Emilia and Xavier, siblings who have always been curious about their surroundings, were walking back home from school one day when they stumbled upon an old, abandoned house. As they approached the house, they felt a strange, eerie feeling. They were not sure what was going on, but they could hear strange noises coming from inside the house. They decided to investigate the source of the noise and, to their surprise, they saw several large, shadowy figures moving around inside the house. Upon closer inspection, they realized that the figures were ghostly dinosaurs! Shocked but thrilled, they decided to explore the haunted house and discovered a precious dinosaur egg that needed their help. With the thrill of adventure surging through their veins, Emilia and Xavier set out to save the egg and unravel the mystery of the dinosaur ghosts.

One Day A Year

A multi-generational story told though the pages of a diary, written one day a year over nearly nine decades.

Sword of the Cherry Blossom

In a world where technology and ancient traditions coexist, “Sword of the Cherry Blossom” follows the thrilling adventures of Sakura, a courageous and skilled young samurai. After inheriting a legendary sword from her late grandfather, Sakura becomes a defender of justice, using her formidable blade to protect the innocent and uphold the samurai code. But Sakura is not alone in her quest. By her side is a mysterious and adorable kitten named Mittens, bestowed with extraordinary abilities. Together, they form an unbreakable bond and set out on a journey to rid their city of crime and corruption.